2016 CBK Zeeland Zeeuwse Lichting 

2015 Drawing, assembly & video Op een onbewoond kleiland 

2015 Kunstpodium T Apprentice master #10 Installation, Sound & Video Reconstructing the expelled 

2014 Roodkapje, Vonda #6 Installation, live constructions Avond-garde 

2013 Erasmus University Rotterdam Boulevard of Expectations 

2013 Gallerij Fruitvlieg Activism against the property management 2012 Affiche Galerij The Hague Europa.NU PUBLICATIONS 

2015 Mister Motley Allemansrätten expelled, art & everyday life. Online 

2014 Grote Rotterdamse KunstKalender 

2008 DIMI magazine 


Art Against Vacancy A.A.V. The Missing Collective (A collective to create 


2014 Sander Bokkingga Production & Concept 

2009 Showroom M.A.M.A. Project assistant, technical support 

2004 Fix Show Productions Stage construction. 


2011 Raveland Stage construction, Technical support 

2010 Counter Culture Festival Stage construction, Technical support 2007 Showroom M.A.M.A. Technical support 


2012 – 2015: Fine Arts Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam _Minor: Public/Private  

2011 – 2012: Graphic Design Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam